2020 limited campaign -only for video distributors in this world

We offer free experience tours only for YouTuber. YouTuber support campaign

YouTuber support campaign


We, Premium Toy Box Japan Tours, offer special Japanese experiences that are not listed in general guidebooks. And we have a special feeling for you as a video streaming of your journey in Japan. We have sent you this E-mail to have you participate in this campaign and have a special experience.

About this campaign

Currently, we are offering the following experiences free of charge to those who can actually visit Japan and distribute videos.
* What you pay: your transportation expenses to Japan, your accommodation expenses in Japan, etc.

Experience contents

You can experience food making and drinking original domestic wine. Learning to cook Japanese food and eating oden and soup stock. * An English speaker guide will accompany you.

Campaign title

2020 limited campaign -only for video distributors in this world

Experience name

Yokohama Wine with Japanese Food Experience

Special price

0 JPY / Special price Just This time
(Regular price: 21,500 JPY / person)

Additional benefits

Wine souvenir gift
will be handed on site when you visit

Participation conditions

People who can actually visit and experience Japan. AND People who can upload videos with their own account.

We are looking forward to your participation !

Nice to meet you.  We are sending you this message to ask you for your participating our campaign.

About us

The brand launched in December 2019 and is still an evolving service. We look forward to helping you with our service growth. We look forward to a good reply.


If you would like to subscribe to our campaign and apply, please reply to this email or apply at the URL below. https://forms.gle/1fFQRrR3GecMNcBf7


In the end, I want to tell you something.We are always enjoying your wonderful videos.By all means, I would like to be with you.

Hiroo Ito


Wataru Takeyama



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